Something that inspired us very much when looking into the subject of relaxation and urban stress is the Space-Out Competition, a yearly held performance art piece created by the artist WoopsYang. The Space-Out Competition started in Seoul, South Korea in 2014. Now it has spread to several cities in South Korea, Bejing in China, and … More Space-Out!

Stress in the city

A topic that motivates our project to a large extent is stress in the city. First, it seemed more like a feeling than certainty that there is a need for refuge from the intensity of urban life that is not necessarily cared for. The connection of this urban intensity and density to mental and physical … More Stress in the city

Hidden Cities – Unmasking and Overcoming Health Inequities in Urban Settings

In this report from WHO (World Health Organization) and UN-Habitat health inequities* in urban settings are addressed. Some of the key messages of that report are very much related to some problematics that we want to approach: Cities concentrate opportunities, jobs and services, but they also concentrate risks and hazards for health. The rapid increase … More Hidden Cities – Unmasking and Overcoming Health Inequities in Urban Settings

Visions for Density in Architecture.

In world of booming populations, what role do architects play in drafting innovative opportunities for density in our cities? How can architects make density desirable to all citizens? Furthermore, what “tricks of the trade” can architects use to add density in historic neighborhoods where new construction is impossible? We are not alone in asking questions … More Visions for Density in Architecture.

This is the search for another kind of space.

Observing daily life in the city, a particular life reality of haste, density and an abundance of quickly changing impressions catches the eye. The world around us is filled up – new images and information continuously penetrate our sensory organs and interrupt natural processes of coming to terms with our environment and ourselves. Life in … More This is the search for another kind of space.